Virtual Consultations

Who are the virtual consultations for?

  • Pre-pregnant and want hands on help with planning your ultimate birth experience (which involves healthful choices during early pregnancy)
  • Newly pregnant and exploring your birth options (OB or midwife? Hospital or Home?)
  • Pregnant again and want a better experience than last time (VBAC, unnecessary interventions, etc.)
  • Running out of time/close to due date: don’t have time for a full childbirth class (you had every intention but time just got away from you!)
  • Working on your birth plan: Need a thorough discussion about your options. What is necessary to include, what’s not. How to get staff to take it seriously, Which things can be decided on later, etc.
  • Need comfort measures/coping techniques as you are heading into your birth experience (tried and true techniques used by birth pros).
  • Birth partner/support person who needs guidance on how to advocate for the birthing person (building bridges with hospital staff while being their eyes and ears).
  • Need a better understanding of any aspect of labor, birth and postpartum (from basic birth fundamentals to “things they don’t tell you”)
  • Need a refresher: it’s been a while!
  • Unique situations: You have a unique condition or situation that you’d like some support in navigating as you find yourself having to advocate a lot in the medical system.

On the other hand, my virtual consultations are NOT for you if you and/or your partner:

  • Need in-person instruction of comfort measures
  • Need to touch/feel educational tools for optimal learning
  • Do not have a reliable internet or cellular connection
  • Do not plan to utilize the information provided in the call
  • Are not willing to make changes to your current plan (if needed) in order to increase chances of a better birth experience

What do I get in a virtual consultation package?

The basic package includes:

  • 90 minutes of face to face time on Zoom. (We will determine your priorities before our call.)
  • Relevant to your needs handouts, checklists, guides, etc. in printable PDF’s
  • Up to 6 weeks postpartum of text and email support


  • 1-2 hours of additional time for follow up Zoom calls. (Discounted at time of purchase).
  • Additional text/email support package

How do I make an appointment?

Click the button below to purchase your consultation package. Then I will follow up with you via email to have you complete the pre-call questionnaire. Within the questionnaire I will ask you for your ideal days/times for our call and then we will firm up our appointment via email.

That’s it!

Can I talk to you before I buy?

Absolutely! I’m happy to offer a free 15 minute consultation to see if the virtual consultation is a good fit for you! Simply send me a message!