Private Classes

As of 7/12/19 I will no longer be offering private childbirth classes. I will be offering Private Consultations until further notice (see below.) I apologize for the inconvenience. Please feel free to contact me if you’d like a referral to a childbirth educator near you who offers private classes.

Private Consultations

  • Great for couples who don’t have time for a lengthy childbirth class but want to consult a birth professional about their options
  • Can be used anytime during pregnancy
  • Access to online parent class included
  • Click on the button below that says “90+30 virtual consultation” to purchase

Online Breastfeeding Course

Available to my past and present clients and members of the Livingston County Birth Circle. Prevent pain, ensure a good latch and bump up your milk production by learning how to breastfeed naturally (hint: it’s not the way you see in most pictures and videos.) Click on corresponding button below to purchase.

Savvy Birth Pro Workshop


Savvy Birth Pro Workshop SBP

Cost: (Refreshments will be provided)

  • Admission only – $79
  • Admission plus Evidence Based Birth® PDF's flash drive OR CEU’s—$99
  • Admission plus flash drive and CEU's -- $119
  • Admission plus Evidence Based Birth® PDF's flash drive, CEU’s, One month Trial Professional Membership – $129

More info about PDF's:
See this link at Evidence Based Birth® for further details about the PDF articles contained on the flash drive.

More info about trial membership:
See this link for details about the one-month professional membership to Evidence Based Birth®.

$79 In stock
Admission only Admission only (0)
Admission + 1 perk upgrade to admission plus CEU's (20) upgrade to admission plus flash drive (20)
Admission + 2 perks upgrade to admission + CEU's and flash drive (40) upgrade to admission + CEU's and trial membership (40) upgrade to admission + flash drive and trial membership (40)
Admission + 3 perks upgrade to admission + flash drive, CEU's and trial membership (50)

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