Hi! I’m Jenn.

Thanks for dropping by!  A little about me:  I am a mom to 4 children and wife of 17 years to my other half, Chris.  I have been teaching childbirth education and attending births since 2010 and am certified through CAPPA. I strongly advocate for birthing families through education, activism and community outreach.  I became an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor in 2015 and a Certified Health Coach in 2016 through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.  I have found great purpose and enjoyment in supporting many families during their pregnancy, birth, postpartum period and helping them navigate the early months of parenthood.

My and my fam . . . a.k.a. D’Jam Fam

I have been called, “Earth Mama Jenn” because of my crunchy ways.  I like to eat close to the earth, though I still enjoy a donut (or two) from time to time.  We have a kitchen garden and backyard chickens, and prefer to shop at the local organic food co-op and health food stores.  I relate my birth philosophy to my lifestyle choice in that I believe our bodies were created as nature intended and under normal circumstances need very little intervention to bring forth “fruit”.

My passion for birth came after a life-changing birth experience of my own with my third born.  I felt called to share my passion with other parents-to-be.  Over the years, I’ve learned that something we all have in common is the desire for a positive birth experience.  This means something different for every mother.  My wish is to help you come away from your birth experience with gratitude and a sense of satisfaction knowing that you were supported and respected throughout your labor, birth and postpartum period.