Dates: eat them up, yum

So your midwife said to start eating dates because you are approaching your due date (and some evidence shows that they can shorten pregnancy), and you’re looking at the giant container you bought from Costco and wondering how in the world you are going to get 6-10 of those suckers down the hatch every day? Have no fear, I have collected some recipes for you to make the task less daunting and maybe even delicious and fun.

Coconut Date Rolls

DIY LaraBars

Dates wrapped in Bacon

Smoked Almond Stuffed Dates

Stuffed Dates Eight Ways

13 best recipes using dates

Date Cookies

Date Brownies

No Bake Raw Vegan Brownies (with dates)

3-ingredient brownies (Whole 30)

Vegan Vanilla Date Smoothie

4-ingredient Green Smoothie

Do you have any favorite date recipes we should include? Leave a comment!

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