FINALLY — A Natural Birth Award

You know how when you start telling people that you are planning to give birth without pain medication, there are those special individuals who make it a point to say, “You don’t get an award for pushing your baby out without pain medication.  Why bother?”  Now, you can say, “Au contraire, mon frére!  There IS an award!  and I AM GOING TO GET ONE.”

You probably have learned that people can sometimes STINK at being supportive of your birth intentions (and there are likely a million possible reasons for this.)  You are probably more aware than others of the risks of receiving pain medications routinely during labor, and that’s why you are trying to avoid it.  But, it gets exhausting trying to justify wanting a natural birth and frankly, you don’t really owe them an explanation.  That’s why I’ve made this award; for YOU — the mom who just wants to shut down the naysayers.  You do your thing, mama!

Congrats to YOU!



Jenn D’Jamoos, CCCE is a mother of four and a certified childbirth educator based in southeast Michigan.  She offers private and group birth preparation classes for parents who want a positive birth experience.